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Moustache Wax Collection

Moustache Wax Collection - Why Buy This Collection? ✅ Formulated to Hold, Tame and Style.

The methodical, considered and heavily practised styling of the moustache is a shared obsession of both the beardsman and the master moustache enthusiast. Moustache styling is considered such an art form that worldwide competitions take place, seeking the most elite craftsman. These craftsmen brandish one very powerful tool: moustache wax.

Ideal for Gifting

Mo Bro’s are extremely proud to present a range of superbly scented moustache waxes, encased in a stylish aluminium tin, making it the perfect gift for any man serious about styling his top lip whiskers.

This collection will include the combination of the 6 scents: Vanilla & Mango, Cedarwood, Sweet Mint, Orange Bergamot, Unscented and Winter Spice.

Contains Natural Ingredients such as Yellow Beeswax

 Proudly Made in the United Kingdom


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