Mo Bro's

Beard Oil Gift Set - Perfect Gift For A Bearded Male

Beard Oil Gift Set - Why Buy This Oil Gift Set?

✅ Contains 7 Various Scents in a Stylish Aluminium Tin

The seasoned beardsman is fond of having a variety of scents in his armoury of man mane accoutrements. Mo Bro’s Beard Oil Gift Set provides him with seven different aromas, allowing him to choose a different scent every day of the week. Maybe the zesty tones of Sweet Mint capture the euphoria and vibrancy of a Friday? Perhaps the mature woody aroma of Cedarwood represents the calm and peace of a Sunday? Or possibly the subtleness of Vanilla and Mango represents the steely mind set the beardsman requires on a Monday morning?

✅ Beard Oil - Created to Soften, Condition & Hydrate your Beard

✅ 98-100% Natural Ingredients

✅ Makes A Perfect Gift

 Proudly Made in the United Kingdom 

Length: 17.8cm, Width: 8.7cm, Height: 2.4cm.


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